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Sunday, January 10, 2010

DIY Spray Booth Part -Deux - Repeat with Instructions!

Part deux in the saga of finding an easy, deconstruct-able portable booth, that, for most purposes, I just wanted to leave up and in the same spot!

OK, I admit the other spray booth was quick and had it's issues, (see earlier post DIY Spray Booth) like I couldn't close the garage door without having to take it down. But hey, what do you want for $20! I kept the clothes pins though, for use in the new version.

This new version involves PVC pipe and joints, and the cheapest shower curtains and rings you can find. There are some cuts you will have to make to the pipe of course, but perhaps if you don't have a chop saw, you can convince some really nice guy at Home Depot to do them, but there are quite a few.

The reason my booth is this size reminds me of the story about the woman who was always cutting off the ends of the roast before she cooked it.  Her husband upon observing that she was wasting meat asked, "Why do you cut off the ends of the roast, honey?"
She replied, "Because that is how my Mother did it!!"
The next time the man's Mother-in-law came to the house, he asked her, "Why do you cut off the ends of the roast?"
She replied, "Because that is how my Mother did it!!"
So, the next time the man saw his Wife's Grandmother, he asked her, "Both your daughter and your grand-daughter cut off the ends of the roast before they cook it. They say they learned from you?"
She chuckled replied, "Well, back then, we didn't have much, and the only roast pan I had was very small, so I had to cut the ends off the roast to fit it into the pan!"

So, my paint booth is relatively small. It is this size because that is how much room I have in the garage that doesn't get in the way of Eric's wood shop. You may want to make it bigger if you paint larger items, but I'm finding for me, this seems to work pretty well. The good thing is, though, I didn't glue the joints, so that I could take it apart to move it or get it out of the way, which also leaves me the option of making the booth deeper if I need to! Despite its petite size, I still had room to paint a bookcase in there!

My booth is about 5 feet wide and deep by about 7 feet tall.

Basic How-to:
Your booth will be constructed of two sides, identical rectangles of any size, secured with corner elbow joints. Then you will join them together with struts only on the top and sides.  Struts are your cross bracing that turn your rectangles into a box.  These pieces will hold the spray booth together and keep it stable.  That's it!

Lay out the rectangles where you have space, like the driveway! 

Decide where you want your struts to be and cut those pipes into two sections, but be sure to make the identical cut on the other rectangle (opposite side of the booth) so your booth will be square and plumb.  Wobbly is bad!  Now join the two pieces using a T joint.  Plug the struts into the T joints to join your two rectangles and you're almost done!

For extra support, you can add struts anywhere, just don't put them across the floor of your booth or you will have issues walking around in there! Again, follow the same rule as above: Put T joints anywhere in your booth by cutting any length of pipe, across the top of the booth or side to side. Then join the two lengths with the T joint and throw in another strut! Easy peasy!

Put everything together. Glue is optional. I don't use it because I know I will want to take it apart eventually! Once you have everything together, add shower curtain rings to three sides and follow with the curtains!  Secure the corner seams with clothespins. Place a drop cloth on the floor of your booth before spraying! Have fun!

1.5" PVC pipe, about 10-12 pieces (you can use thicker or thinner PVC depending on the size of your booth, but this size is very cost effective and pretty stable
1 pack of T joints, 6-10
8 PVC elbows
3 sets of shower curtain rings
3 shower curtain liners
1 drop cloth
Total cost under $40

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  1. Ok, this one has my definate interest! For some reason only one pic of the curtain will load. I'll try to come back later and see if it loads quicker or ? Bleah! Cool cool cool idea.

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!

    FJ Donna

  2. Oh my, I guess I don't want to paint anything that is bigger than a bread box. Great idea though.

  3. Wow....I just spread a tarp and paint. :)

  4. Wonderful tutorial, will tell my brother the air brush painter

  5. Thanks Baubleztoa! It's quite handy, really. The next problem to tackle is how to avoid it getting saw dust when the woodshop is going. We can't both be working in there. Fortunately, that NEVER happens!

  6. Awesome project!

    (sidenote--I never get tired of that roast story, lol!)

    -Amie Gillingham, EBSQ

  7. And thanks, Donna, Marlene, Sully,and Amie for your comments! I love that story's a good experiment in sociology.

  8. well, as you probably know,
    I don't have much use for one of those just yet...

    but I did want to tell you
    I think you're doing a FAB job
    and I love this:

  9. Aw shucks, Christy, you're so sweet!
    Thank you so much! (You are on my list of Valentines!)

  10. I think you should have a DIY channel. Could you make the next episode on fixing the annoying squeak in my car?

  11. Sure, Bill! Sounds like a good idea. :)


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