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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not all choices present a problem

Let me extol the virtues of the proper drink for the moment.

I have been freezing. Frigid, and not in the hormonal way! Cold cold cold...and I'm cold in my own house! It's been below freezing for days.

Luckily, there hasn't been any precipitation yet, because it will snow. Probably tomorrow. And then, I'll be glad I have choices in beverages.

This morning it was 'happy face mug latte' from my brand new espresso machine! I savored that fleeting moment, (which I recreated 2 more times during the day.)

Eventually, the day ended and the story of my new drink begins...tonite I am no longer cold.

We had just returned from a crappy dinner which was overpriced, even after using the gift certificate from They saw us coming and decided to burn the single serving pizza and prepare a steak with espresso rub containing not even the slightest smigeon of salt. It was so bland that I held the salt shaker in one hand as I ate. Reminds me of that song by Adam Sandler, "Piece O' Sh#t Car" only substitute steak for car in this song.

Back to the story. We were so cold upon arriving home and with the interior temperature not improving, we settled on making some hot cocoa.

After putting the teapot on the stove, I remembered the events of just minutes before arriving home.... That event was post restaurant, where we made a pit stop at the liquor store.

See, at dinner I endured a story about hating a job so much that if a bankroll of even modest size existed, there would have been a walkout today. That combined nicely with the crappy meal. At any rate, after that blissful recount AND eating the worst meal of 2010, I needed to restock my liquor cabinet.

So, back to the cocoa. While the water heated up, I noticed the vodka sitting on the counter, and proceeded to mix my beautiful martini...

Eventually, the cocoa magically appeared on the counter next to me, as I was positioning my cocktail for photos to upload to Facebook for virtual toasting.

It was then that I encountered my dilemma. A choice. Delicious chocolaty cocoa OR a sweet delightful 'forget all the woes' Martini! (It might be good for the record to mention that I, myself, was not having a bad today prior to dinner. I was merely cold enough to look for a real estate agent in San Diego.)

Once again, either hot chocolate with a splash of half and half and mouth squirtin' redi-whip or
a vodka martini! (one of the best ways to warm up when in the safety and comfort of your own home. This time, headily prepared with a 2 shots of potato vodka one shot of pomegranate liquor and cointreau.)

It's not always as easy as it seems. But somehow, as I pondered and the martini got smaller, a solution did present itself!

So, the recipe for you to try follows
below...what's the name?
hmm, you think of a name..I'm calling it "Reckless Abandon"

Step one: Make the martini
Mix in shaker
2 oz vodka
1 oz pomegranate liquor
1 oz cointreau

Step 2: Promptly drink half of the martini.

Step 3: Mix cocoa
1 packet instant cocoa prepared with 6 oz water
Step 4:
Add remaining ingredients to the cocoa
Splash half and half
Remaining half of martini
Top with whipped cream

Repeat as necessary.



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