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Saturday, January 16, 2010


I think these pics turned out pretty neat! Guess what they are a part of, and you will win one of these photographs from my shop!

Good luck!!

The guessing game ends Jan. 31st. ;)

Why don't you make this contagious?
Make a post on your own blog. Add one of your photos and say, "I'm playing the guessing game..What/where/who/When? Guess and you win the print! Guessing game ends Jan. 31st!"

Come back here, guess and leave the link to your blog! :) Ooh, this should be fun!


  1. They are a part of a gate...the knob!!!

  2. What awesome photographs!! Are they old, weathered doorknobs?!

  3. copper patina added door knobs. Great photos!

  4. At first I thought that they might be old doorknobs, but everyone else guessed that so I am going to go with an old water faucet. LOL. Either way the photos are gorgeous!

  5. I am guessing an old copper ball from a weathervane. I am stumped about the etched numbers though.

  6. A finial of some sort. I love a good patina.

  7. It's obviously an Alien "Bra Form" from the 16th century.

    It's a little known fact that they dropped a few during a flyby around 1549 or so, and the descent into our atmosphere caused them to turn a little green.

    These bra forms are quite rare, as they are from the Gamma Quadrant where the females have hourglass-shaped breasts.

    What a find Becca!

  8. Christy,
    Yes, I know. Especially because in the Gamma Quadrant this type of aging would have been purple, but since the bra landed here, it's green. Truly, one of kind!

  9. You aren't going to believe this, but the photograph of the item is on my backup storage which is only accessible from a mac..and the mac is out for repair! Long and short, I can't post what it is, so I haven't written yet. awful, right?
    Christy, you are as close as anyone else, let's put it that way!


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