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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

#1; 29 Faces

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It's time for repetition!  Go!  Do the same exercise for a month straight to get you into the groove, thereby creating a good habit! In this case, it's double habit forming bonus month!

How so, Rebecca?

Easy. (lqtm). Paint every day. Blog every day. There, 2 habits. But, best of all, you have to show up, every day, and we know showing up is half the battle.

A group of fellow artists are on a kick this month to blog every day in February and post a new face with each post, creating 29 faces to post. I heard it takes 27 takes in a row, over and over and over, before your action becomes a habit.  

So, in my typical non-committal fashion, I'm joining the challenge with only 24 days left to make all 29 faces, so I wont alter my personality too much by forming any good habits.  I'm no stranger to challenges, though.  Remember 31 days of rhinos?  That challenge, which is also educational to the reader, is still only at 23 rhinos. But, I'll pick it back up in March again and finish it this year and have a little show somewhere, sometime.  Another very memorable challenge I did a few years ago was to write a novel in 30 days; 1500 words a day, 50,000 words in a month (for the NaNoWrimo, National Novel Writing Month). I actually completed that epic challenge!  Talk about proud!  However, would you believe that not only could I not write for months afterward, yes, it destroyed my blogging for months, but I even lost interest for a while in checking my email!  hmmm...this exercise might have some medicinal benefits. (curing a habit?)


Well, here you, my first face.
Have a good night, 


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