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Monday, February 18, 2013

#4; 29 Faces, Nervous Laughter

Fun distractions are these little cartoon art pieces. It's good to doodle and sketch between paintings. Exactly like journaling, only completely different.

Nervous Laughter
Aceo, watercolor and ink
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Nervous Nelly was a nervous bot.  
A jumpy bot.
A curious bot.  
She gazed awkwardly, not having reached her own peak, smiling with a nervous, longing, hopeful curiosity at someone special...
wondering if he would notice her...
if only..

I hate those moments.  

So, will he ever notice?  Maybe it'll be one of those things where 25 years later, she runs into him again, only he's a little rusty now. For her, he will exist forever as the shiny young bot with plenty of character and a good heart, only now, he notices her back. That's how I might write the story.

I've been up to all kinds of no good.  Well, some good. I made cookies using brown rice flour.  Edible, for sure. I should say so, I ate the whole batch.  
Gotta go find some salad.

Have a nice evening, 

Nervous LaughterAceo, watercolor and inkGo to auction
There will be up to 100 cartoon robot aceos for this series throughout 2013, available exclusively on eBay, all starting at $1.00.


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