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Friday, February 1, 2013

Bombings, Obituaries and Shootings Oh My! (not really)

Ok, I admit that title is a bit of a lost leader.  I don't like bad news.  It's worth mentioning that all of New York is probably morning the loss of Ed Koch today.  But, embassy bombings and school shootings and guerrilla warfare and the middle east and Africa gearing up to attack us, oh and North Korea too ...yea, it's just not something I can deal with emotionally on a morning that shows so much promise!

I am a happy girl this morning because I have a new dishwasher!  It was installed at 7:00 am and it's so quiet that I have to be next to it to hear it running. This sound alone (or lack of sound) was reason enough to get up that early for the installation. That is poetry in motion. ahhh...Serenity now!

Ok, get to the special interest section, babe!  Winter is upon us, but fear not, there's lots to do out there as galleries, theaters and music venues are hopping with activity to keep us from hiding in our cocoons until March.  What to do if you live in Marietta?  Hey! It's First Friday art walk!

Tonight's neighborhood to visit: Marietta Square!

2 Rules Fine Art Gallery in Marietta Square should be on your list.  (They have been very gracious friends to me this past year and included me twice for exhibitions in 2012 and this past month as well!)

Their opening show tonight, featuring the very fancy chain maille jewelry work of artist Helen Rule is really worth the stop.  Helen puts in the time, let me tell you I've seen her in action!  She makes each jump ring from wire and then one tiny link at a time meticulously forms the chain maille which provides the foundation for her gorgeous jewelry. Many hundreds of hours have been lovingly spent creating this collection.  It's really a sight to behold the meticulous fine crafting of this very talented artist. 2rulesfineart

The spotlight artist at 2 Rules is Pedro Gonzalez, a mixed media artist and print maker who enjoys using typography, shapes and symbols in his work. His works are on various substrates, including handmade papers.  His striking abstractions with fun bold and beautiful complementary color schemes sure to please.

It's going to be a fun show that runs the month of February, so you can come out tonight for the opening reception and still have plenty time to come back and choose a nice piece for your Valentine!

Show runs through Feb. 23rd.

Next stop is DK Gallery.

The show this month features Poetic Abstractions by Jennifer Rivera and The Atlanta Poetry Community.

Then on Sunday, February 3rd, 3:00-5:00pm, DK will also have a live poetry reading in the gallery.  Come for lunch and shopping and stay the whole afternoon!

Also on display are the nude and figural work by Cameron Hampton, Kris Meadows and Catie Radney.

Lot of reasons to pop in for a peek!

One more stop: Jenny King Studio & Gallery

It's always fun to walk up the stairs and view the working studios of Jenny King and acquaintances.  The gallery is located upstairs on the square above the Australian Bakery and you will see and open door leading to her studio.  The stairs, which are covered with fantastic available small works by the resident artists lead you to the gallery space upstairs where you will find the artists and an assortment of larger works and a custom portrait gallery as well!  48 South Park Square.

The neighborhood has numerous cuisine choices for dinner, including Thai, Japanese, Chinese, French, American bar food, cajun and even asian fusion tacos!  So, make a night of it.

See you there!


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