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Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Pen-ultimate Declutter List You'll Ever Need

It's Winter and we want to stay inside and bundle up.  We have to be comfortable in our spaces though, and for a lot of us, that may involve letting go of some of our stuff.  Also, tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday and you might want some other activity.

I found this great declutter list on  I recommend you go there if you want to organize your life.  However, if you're like me, you will merely just see the headlines of the friendly tips that arrive in your email and delete them without bothering to read because you also have Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Gardens and some lifestyle guru's daily stuff to get through, and frankly, most of that gets deleted, too.

Anyway, this isn't anything you don't know, but it wont hurt to get the reminder. (Also, I copied and pasted verbatim, so don't correct my grammar. :)

"Dear Fly Lady,

...these are my declutter stand-bys.

1.  6 Month Rule.  If I haven't needed it, worn it, looked for it, read it or replaced it in 6 months, out it goes.  One exception I make is for the few good outfits I still have, still fit into, but seldom wear.  They are my "just in case" wardrobe.  All my clothes fit in the one closet in my house (yep, just one), one dresser, and my cedar chest (seasonal stuff).

2.  Keep a picture, not the object.  I think that tip came from Jeff Campbell.  Just because Great Great Aunt Griselda knit it from string while crossing the Plains in a wagon, doesn't mean I have to hang onto it.

3.  Forbidden Words and Phrases:  "Maybe I could...." "I might need ..."  "What if .....?"  "But Great Great Aunt .... [see 2 above]" and "I can sell it."  That last one leads to ...

4.  How much is my time worth compared to what I might get for the item?   I tend to put a greater value on my time.  One yard sale was enough.  I check similar items on e-bay and decide if the time involved is worth the sold price.  Donation with a tax deduction is my favorite.  Quick and easy.

5.  Craft items.  Keep repeating "I have enough for two lifetimes."

6.  No regrets.  Once something is gone, it's gone [see 2, again].

FlyBaby P"
Ok, back to me!  
So I thought I would add my own friendly helpful hint while I'm passing along the sage advice of others.

It's the "Last Declutter To Do List You Will Ever Need" just in case you are getting no where with the one above.

The very last list has only one item on it and can't be reversed, so make sure you've gone through all the others first.  Two good reasons to follow this last list first:  You are on your death bed and hate all the sniveling greedy people who are going to inherit your stuff OR it's your husband's stuff and he has just left you for a younger thinner dumber version of you. 

1)  Burn it all.

Have a nice weekend, 


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