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Friday, January 9, 2009

Help Wanted! Now hiring virtual help, low pay, no benefits


It's what makes anyone do anything they do.
My Grandmother was passionate about cleaning..She loved to clean. Her house was always in order. She even worked in her later years for fun and extra money as a housekeeper at an inn at the college. She had a passion for it! (She had no hobbies)

I make my bed everyday. Usually right after I get up. The reason: I can always say I accomplished at least one cleaning activity today!

So, what freak decided it was ok to make sushi with chicken in it? It looked like cooked salmon roll. Bugger. Scratch #3 off the list from this week.

Twice already I have waited to put on makeup until late in the afternoon. I work at home, so it's comfortable to just put on some sweats, get coffee and go down to my studio and start painting.
Scratch #1 off my list from this week.

Someone on Facebook decided to buy me, and thus I found a ridiculous new app called Owned!, and now I need enough fake money to buy this cat with bandages wrapped around her face. Time wasted, luckily I didn't put "stop wasting time" on my list (I would never do that anyway).

I gained 3 lbs....Obviously, I made up for the lack of meat by supplementing my diet with bread.

I finished a painting but then didn't like part of it, so I reworked the bugger and I still don't like it, but I have to put it in the mail because it's for a charity auction. Hey, at least I will have finished something this week.

Tomorrow, I'm going to a bar with Eric and I'm going to sit and draw people all day (only if they have wi-fi, of course). My first plein air in years (inside..still counts from my point of view, it's live).

I am working on a piece to submit to a show that has some of my acquaintances whispering...The Seattle Erotic Arts Festival..This piece is NOT sex. Just sexy...a figure of a woman. (For those few I say, "Geez, lighten up and go evolve some sensuality.")

I'm going to get a bacon cheeseburger. More later...


  1. I used to work at a place where most of the employees were vegetarian. The funny thing is, they all had a rather gray complexion. I guess that would be an incentive to get the make-up on first thing in the morning though, wouldn't it?


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