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Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm not a faerie!!

So, I showed this piece to my girlfriend Megan and she said, "I love how you put yourself in the painting!" That's right, I'm a little red-headed faerie nymph! (In case you were wondering)

I painted this piece for a charity auction. Now, nobody will be able to say I'm not charitable! HA!

I am hoping to capitalize on the whole fantasy/castle phase. Maybe some kid will go "MOM, will you bid on that for me???" and she'll buy it and that kid will put it in her room and be inspired by something that a complete stranger (me) painted. Or some adult Renaissance faerie junkie will just have to have it!!

There will be 200 or so 5x7 canvases donated by local artists to the Sandy Springs Society for this really cool event. It's a mystery artist auction, so the buyer will not know who the artist is until after he purchases the piece. And I've heard there may be a submission by a VERY famous person!!! All the money raised will go to help people in the community.

And, as if we didn't already have enough places to write, draw or paint in the house, I found a giant dry erase board on Craigslist, and Eric and I picked it up today and hung it in the office. He said he wanted one so he could write down his ideas (so he could scribble down his brilliant scientific ideas like Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting! --for the record, Eric would never say this). So far, I wrote "Eric N Becca" and drew a big heart around it. I'm so smart! I can't wait to post some pics of his notes! (shhh..I'm not telling him)


  1. You should be safe, Eric probably doesn't read your blather. Like the blue winged fairy. Where did you find the model?

  2. Apparently, she is me...that's what my friend said, anyway!

  3. I love the painting. My wife paints and I seem to live in a gallery all of the time. It is wonderful living with an artist.


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