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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New sisters, enduring love...and since we're already here!

Here's a little Valentine painting I finished for Eric today. Nice reproductions are available at my etsy shop, just for your valentine!


Here is my plug for a zany little bookstore in Woodstock, GA called Foxtale Book Shoppe, and here's to the group of foxtailed ladies who run the joint!!

Three ladies met in a writer's group, created a sisterhood...and opened a bookstore!

Foxtales indeed!
Cool name. Cooler women. Women who are wise..women who know stuff. Women who don't need botox, but probably think it's ok if you want to do it!

Mood; full of soft diffused natural light and a romantic woody ambiance. Music; soft and happy.

I entered the store and said to Ellen, the first of the 3 ladies I met, "You're going to think this is strange, but I'm not sure why I'm here!"

To give a little background, some months before, I had met a nice woman, somewhere...but I can't remember now the circumstances around our meeting. I recalled her saying she worked occasionally at a bookstore called Foxtale. So, months passed, and here it was inauguration day...I had just come from lunch with a friend who had met me at a bar to observe the swearing in of our 44th President, Obama. (By the way, during our lunch, I chuckled at the thought that every major event of the past 10 years seemed to happen while I was sitting in a bar!)

Afterward, I drove out of my normal path homeward to stop at Starbucks and observe a painting that my friend had wanted me to see. At the moment I was handed my cup, I remembered my brief encounter with the stranger so long ago. I didn't even remember the name of the bookstore where she had said she worked, only that it was an independent bookseller. I inquired for directions from a young woman giving 5 minute massages, and luckily, she had an idea where it might be. She then briefly removed a hand from neck of the man in the massage chair to give me air directions. And off I went.

To add to the mood, I was having a hormonal moment..As I drove there, I felt a bit odd, but I knew I had to do this before I turned around to head home.

..."So" I explained to Ellen, "I have no idea why I'm here, but I know I am supposed to be here today!" Ellen seemed happy that I had taken the time to find her great little shop and showed me around a bit. Gradually, we were joined by two more of the Foxtale ladies and the 4 of us howled away a couple of hours, talking about books, writing, authors, children, marriage, divorce, following your dreams and getting caught in every day instead...

We laughed, I cried, they inherited a new sister.
I was thoroughly entertained, but they flattered me and said that I had entertained them that day. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

One day soon, I will begin writing a book. I will go back to the fine ladies at Foxtale for help editing, as the chapters appear. And I hope the fun will continue with my new friends.

So, here's to Jackie, Ellen, Karen (who I still have to meet) and Amanda for making my day.

Please support your local bookseller, or drive to this one!

Foxtale Book Shoppe
105 East Main St., #138
Woodstock, GA 30188


  1. I like your valentine and thanks for the comment on my blog! Daily Painters has been great for me, email me for more information. It isn't very easy to get in, its juried and there is a large waiting list.

  2. Ahh! A kindred soul. I too find myself someplace and not sure why I'm there but know I have to be there for some reason. Some of the best times in life occur when we follow these urges - impulses - compulsions - or whatever you want to call them.

    Love your blog and writing style.

  3. Just came to your blog from (where else?!) Bill and Lisa's. I think you're hilarious and talented and a kindred soul, and I MUST add you to my blogroll immediately. :)


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