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Monday, January 19, 2009

I spit on your grave; I fart in your general direction

Ever been pondering your sweetie and a good 'ol country song comes up?

something like this:
"You left me no choice,
You said, 'it's me or the dog'
I'm gonna miss you sweetheart
cuz the dog doesn't bark."

AHHHH, but enough of romance. I regress...

Apparently, I was notified today that it was the most depressing day in history...whatever. I got so depressed reading the article! So, to avoid slitting my wrists, I went out and ate the most fattening lunch I could find, went shopping and maxed out a credit card, came home and smoked and drank the rest of the morning away.

After that, I cleaned up my act and once I realized the "The View" was over, I no longer had the urge to kill myself. From there, it was all uphill!!!!

Gave me some time to make a few girlish Valentines!


  1. Well, this has been very uplifting reading. Thanks.

  2. That's what you git fer jumpin' on the bed!

    'nuff said <--spoken in deep drawl.

  3. Stacy, how did you know what goes on in my bedroom? And, we eat a lot of mexican food!


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