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Monday, July 28, 2008

More in the world of trompe l'oeil

Just finished another installment of the trompe l'oeil masters class...well, really, the final installment of the three classes is the master class. It takes place in France next summer. This was only part deux!!

I'm very fortunate to continue to meet with such excellent people in the world of decorative arts. I really feel my mural skills are growing daily and yet I'm so humbled to be in such amazing company as I have been these past few months.

We painted 2 murals in this class, plus the "peeling paint on wood grain". So, here are the samples resulting from the class.

This first is a French Renaissance inspired piece. Perhaps a client would have their initials or a family crest painted in the center.

Next, we fooled around with painting a wood grain with the effect of chipping paint on top. This wasn't actually part of the course, as woodgraining as a topic covers nine weeks!! Here we were just playing around.

And finally, a beautiful piece of Italian Renaissance inspired components; acanthus leaves on a carved palate surrounded by breaking stone or stucco...who knows.

This was another 8 hour per day, two week course with Michel Nadai of Atelier Nadai in France. We students were lucky to have Michel once again join the Finishing Source in Atlanta, who hosted the class.

Thank you Michel and Kyoko Nadai, who continue to strive for excellence in passing on this ancient art to the generations so it wont be lost!! And thanks to Bob and Caroline of The Finishing Source for hosting them!

Have a great week.
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Sunday, July 27, 2008


Here's a sample mural, a fun miniature I did of a larger scale piece which I found in a book by Jacqueline Leleve.

Her book is a good resource for ornamental scroll work templates and this type of decorative piece incorporating plants, birds and insects.

This is a great scene for painted furniture, but I can imagine it on a wall, too.

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