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Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's all Gouach-y and such that is..


2.5x3.5"; Gouache on matboard

Fundraiser, Part Deux
This little piggy has gone to market.  eBay auction!

If you haven't read my post from earlier in the week about the little ornament painting, it will read similar to this one. I am repeating myself for some fortuitous reason.  Ah, I know! It's because I have been listening to a Spanish composer well know for his repetition in themes.  I need another cup of coffee, because I can't remember his name any longer.  It was yesterday. That day has come and gone and today is what matters (besides, as I age, the storage capacity is getting used up.  I need to free up some disk space, or defrag perhaps. Do they do that anymore?)

This is my very first attempt at painting entirely in gouache!  I admit that on occasion, I have used gouache for a highlight on an ink or watercolor painting. (is that cheating? maybe)  I was chatting with some friends on Facebook about gouache and that got me inspired to try them.  I was determined to learn the technique, so I dove in.  There is a distinct learning curve with this medium as it wets itself each time you touch the paper!  You can apply watercolor techniques to a degree and, they say, oil, but truly, this medium stands alone as one not to be compared to others.  It just is what it is and what it is, is frustrating.  I wanted to chuck it, but I know that after time and layering I eventually get, I stuck with it until, after many, many, many layers, I began to achieve a look that I could be satisfied with.  But hey, first time out there are bound to be a few lessons to learn!   I found lots of demos on  I'm patting myself on the back for seeing it to the end. 

I'm going to donate the proceeds from the this painting to help someone in a very special way.  A different kind of help this holiday season.  I am going to help an artist be, well, arty!  Someone who creates and is destined to create, through no choice of her own.  Shucks, those are the cards she was dealt!  It's just something we artist types have to do!  I have a girl in mind, the 9 year old daughter of someone who works at the local grocery store, who I know is a budding artist.  Her Mom could not stop talking about her talents from the moment she found out that I am an artist.  Her exuberance has struck a chord with me!  When I was young, I didn't realize this would be a choice for me and although my parents knew I (and my brother) had some talent, I don't think they thought that art would be something we would pursue as a profession.  My brother got his education in fine art and education and became a school teacher.  I got my education in fine art and French!  I'm not a translator, so where did that leave me? Well, here!  I think I chose wisely.

It would be great if this painting earned enough to buy some decent supplies for the kid!  (It should be worth a mint if you include my time, but learning is time consuming. Oink!) Fuel the passion!

Our little ebay groups (Aceo artists - art card, editions and originals) creates and sells these tiny little works of art that have become highly collectible worldwide!  We wanted to up the anty and introduce are tiny art to some new fans and collectors!  Every other month or so, we, as a group, list for one week a bunch of these aceos at auction, starting at a penny!  It's called Pennyfest!  Please go to eBay and search "pennyfest" to find this listings!  This week, there are 5 pages of them, originals and prints. 

Kudos for getting to the end of this post.  You get the good humor award!
Have a nice day, Rebecca


Monday, November 11, 2013

Penny Fest Bidding Frenzy Good Will Gesture!

Our little eBay group that creates and sell tiny little works of art called ACEO (Art cards, Editions and Originals) has thought up a fun way for the general audience to begin collecting.  Every so often, place a bunch of Aceos up for auction, beginning at a penny $.01!

I took some time to paint this little piece today so that I could offer it up for auction tomorrow in a 5 day auction, ending on the 17th.  

I'm going to donate the proceeds from this tiny painting to help someone in some way. Perhaps it will purchase a bag of food (or more) at the grocery store for the food bank, or it might make enough to buy a gift for the Toys For Tots program! 

Visit the auction, click here!

It might also help someone you hadn't thought would need help.  An artist!  Someone who creates and is destined to create, through no choice of their own.  It's just something we artist types have to do!  I have this girl in mind, the 9 year old daughter of someone who works at the grocery store, who I know is a budding artist, but the Mom is single and on a limited income.  It would be great if this painting could earn enough to buy her some modest supplies for her to create!  Fuel the passion!

Have a nice day, Rebecca


Friday, November 8, 2013

Illustration Friday

#8 Fashinista Rhino
Bold and Daring! -Smelly Rhino Studio

This is from my 31 days of Rhinos, but I thought it would be a good day to show her to you again, as she is my logo girl!

News in the world of the Rhino this week was not good as the Western Black Rhino was officially declared extinct, and extinction made possible by ignorant humans.  The hunting of the Rhino worldwide continues, the senseless slaughter of an ancient and incredible animal for no other reason than for their horns which are believed by Eastern cultures to be medicine.  Well, they wont have their medicine anymore.  I hope that the killing will end now, I hope enlightenment will come soon to the people who continue to commit these atrocities.  There's always Karma, and what a bitch she can be when you harm others - perhaps poachers will pick them off, one by one.

For more on the 31 days of rhinos series, please search the blog!

Happy Friday!

Have a nice day.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday


Things to Ponder

Don't pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches. -Andy Warhol

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
-Walt Disney
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