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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Martha, an American Maker!

If you don't subscribe to Martha Stewart Living newsletter, you should! It's full of great recipes, tips and this contest, for the maker!  Don't forget, she is an American Maker herself!  Below is her email from today.  At the bottom of the page, you can sign up for her newsletters!  Hopefully, Martha will forgive my sharing of her article, since I am also promoting her!  Have a nice day, Rebecca

Here's the article (links below and in print, which I have copied from her email), via Martha Stewart...

Martha Stewart - American Made


My story is the story of a maker.

Years ago, with a leap of faith and a little luck, I took the first step in building a dream based on ingenuity and craftsmanship. Like with so many others, making marked the beginning of my story.

As my process has evolved and grown over the years, the maker mentality continues to define and inspire me. That's the beautiful thing about making: It carries you as far as your imagination can go.

Out of this passion came the foundation for American Made. It's a movement that elevates the maker, supports the local, and celebrates the handmade.

Right now we are accepting nominations for the 2013 Audience Choice Awards. Send in a nomination today:

Last year's winners

In truth, there are few things more meaningful than celebrating our country's greatest makers. That's why the winner of the Audience Choice Award will stand alongside editors of Martha Stewart Living at our annual American Made event in October and be awarded $10,000 to support his or her business.

By sending in a nomination, you will join a chorus of people who have newfound appreciation for local craftsmanship. And with the launch of American Made, it's my sincere hope that more stories will be heard and shared.

I believe it's time to bring the focus back to the maker, to the tinker, to the crafter. It's time to connect dreamers and doers. It's time to showcase the next generation of game-changers. It's time to start a movement.

If you know of a creative entrepreneur worthy of the American Made Award, encourage him or her to send in a nomination:

Thank you for being part of American Made.

Your friend,


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