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Saturday, February 28, 2015

I just needed an abstraction

"Spock's Red Matter Ships"
(or Red Mobile Sky at Night)
Acrylic on canvas

It's typical for my imagination to make up stories that appeal to my science fiction psyche.  I had painted a very small piece entitled, "Red Mobile" and imagined it as a sort of flying rig. Who knows what a rig in the sky does, but Isaac Asimov would, so there I was, thinking about the things that only happen in the future (my imagination.) Anyway, as I finished this new larger piece, I decided it was going to be about flying things, again... 

Then, one of the great icons of science fiction and also a very talented artist, Leonard Nimoy passed away yesterday. Sigh. I really loved him, I was a huge fan of his Mr. Spock and also of his photography and his great intellect and spirit.  So, I am dedicating this piece to him, renaming the piece after Spock's Red Matter ship.  Three of them, a magical number, fly together now.  Farewell, friend.

RIP Mr. Nimoy, you have always been and shall always be, remembered.

Have a nice day,


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Memories of the Coast

Memories of the coast I

I miss home, the good old coastal views of the Pacific Northwest. The tide pools - Hermit crabs, sea anemones. The serene and often very rugged and dangerous beauty.  When you're a water baby, you love all bodies of water.  I don't take them for granted, I take lots of trips to walk my dogs at the local lake near my home here in Historic Acworth in northern Georgia.  Sometimes, I go there just to breathe in the view, feeling so lucky to have it just a few blocks from my home.  I am quite fond of the Carolina and Georgia coastlines, too!

I think wherever your heart lies, if you are soothed by a water view, you will enjoy this piece. 

Have a nice day,

Ps. Since I posted this thread this afternoon, my husband came home and found that I had painted out a very minute ray of light and it was the thing that made him happy, so I spent the evening repainting the entire sky to have a sun rising on the horizon, just for him.  This painting could have been from either coast before, but a white sun rising on the ocean only happens on the east coast, so you imagine where you are now.  I see the grassy waters of South Carolina. You?


Monday, February 23, 2015

DIY Art Studio Shelving...great use for molding!

"I've got a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel!" - Sir Edmond Black Adder

Art Studio Shelves

I remodeled last year, but just getting to the display shelves now!  I wanted a place to display my paintings for open studio visits, to see my work while I'm preparing for a show, and to get them off the cluttered floor!  

I thought about using gutters after seeing how awesome they work for kids rooms and library racks. But, there was this issue of the front of the gutters not only concealing the bottom few inches of my paintings, but I figured I would run a risk of damaging whatever area of the painting connected with the front of the gutter. 

I knew what a needed. A plate rack, so to speak. something with a groove, or better yet, a tiny lip at the front of a narrow shelf that would allow a painting to lean without sliding off. Also, the shallow profile would keep my small studio looking as large as possible. I wanted this shelf to come already shaped with the lip on it. After some time standing in front of every possible piece of wood and shelving solution Home Depot had, I realized this project required my repurposing skills because this thing did not exist. 

Well, here it is!  

I had already re-purposed a melamine shelf into a table top, used tiles as shelves, used tables as benches, and made cabinets into, why not use a piece of molding for a shelf or ledge?  I haven't seen anyone do it before, so I spent the whole morning creating this tutorial to share with you so you can go do it, too.  Additionally, you can put screws into the front of the 2x2 under the molding shelf and hang things there!

The step by step picture guided tutorial will help you in case the process isn't intuitive to you. Anyone with a little skill can do this, but you may need a helping hand if you aren't used to drilling or if you don't have a lot strength or leverage to drive screws.  If you have any questions about any of the steps shown here, please ask in the comment section and I will answer. It might help someone else and I can edit the tutorial for others!  Thanks!

Molding as art display shelving

Below, I have provided 3 sets of directions: 1) No brainer instant DIY for existing shelves, no power tools necessary, 2) Quick instructions for those who already know what they're doing, and 3) Complete step by step tutorial with pictures and notes.



for those with existing shelves (and the power tool inept!)

Not handy at all AND you already have shelving?  

VOILA! Laying a strip of molding on any existing shelf or table at the wall allows you to have paintings leaning there, securely held in place without have to do any additional work!  (I have not found it necessary to tape the molding in place, but you may desire it, personally.)

Lay a piece of molding on a table top or shelf for instant secure display of art!


Complete Instructions for DIY installing Art Studio Shelving 

You will need:
  • 2x2" beam (really 1.5"x1.5", but they are called 2x2.)  I bought pine at about $8 per 8 foot length. Make sure to select straight beams. Look down the beam to eyeball whether it is curved. (Have the associate at the home improvement store cut them to whatever size you will be needing.)
  • 3.5" wide pine wall molding strips, about ~$2.15 per foot. One 8 foot section was less than $17.50.
  • 4" wood screws for securing the 2x2 to the wall.  3 screws should suffice for an 8 foot length, spaced at 32" apart.)  If your shelf will be less than 32", then 2 screws per shelf. 
  • 1.5" screws or nails for securing the molding to the 2x2. (I like screws because I can easily remove the shelf if I need to by unscrewing instead of risking damage by pulling nails.)
  • Table Saw (optional, will be used to shave a small profile off the back of the molding to make it lay flat on top of the 2x2. Note: You can still attach the molding without altering it, but there will be a small gap under the front of the shelf where it lays on the 2x2.
  • drill (make sure you have a fully charged battery!)
  • Forstner bit (whatever size is larger than the screw head.)
  • drill bit (same size as smooth part of screw.)
  • wood plugs (optional, for covering your screw heads later.)
  • paint (optional)

Quick instructions if you know what you are doing

1) Attach 2x2 to a wall or other object where you want a shelf.
2) Secure molding by screwing down from the top into the 2x2.
(You could do steps 1 and 2 in reverse, but it will depend on how long and skinny your drill bit/shaft is to be able to drive that long screw into the wall under the shelf without marring it.)

Detailed illustrated instructions

Decide where to put your shelf, mark the wall and pre-drill holes into your studs.

Prepare the 2x2 to mount on the wall.

Secure the 2x2 to the wall.

Run the back of the molding through the table saw to remove the profile where it will attach to the top of the 2x2. (optional, but good.)

Attach molding to the top of the 2x2.

Start freeing up floor space and gain display space.
Hey, you are even ready for an open studio event!

Have a great day,


Friday, February 13, 2015

Blog responsibly...

I'm off to a wretched start this year. It's the middle of February, for crying out loud! Where does that phrase come from, "for crying out loud?"  I mean, did someone once say, "Heck, why do we all cry so loud? What ever comes from cryin' out loud?  Sheesh, just keep it to yourself, will ya? oh, and quit making excuses."

Lots to do. This year, I'm planning to show at three wonderful galleries in the Atlanta area!

First off, the Marietta Square Artist's Attic will have my original art and prints and maybe even a little performance in the wine room with my husband, Eric (we'll see, no guarantees!)  The Raiford Gallery in Roswell will offer my unique hand painted pet ornaments and custom portraits. Then, later on in the year as the holidays get closer, I will also have an assortment of very special ornaments at DK Gallery in Marietta.

In the show and festival arena, plans are still being made, but the first upcoming is Acworth Art Fest, April 11th and 12th.  Also beginning in April, this year marks my fourth at the Marietta Square Artist's Market, a twice monthly Saturday street market on Mill St. in the Square. You can see me there on the 2nd and 4th saturdays of every month (except April 11th.)  Check my Facebook page to make sure I'll be there if you are planning a visit!

I also have finally begun work with my very talented Mom, Carolyn, on the shared new venture, Zenyotta, a homey hand made approach to home decor items, all made here in Acworth, GA., from our own designs, including hand printed fabrics and recycled and refurbished items.  Small boutiques will carry our unique pillows, throws and handbags, and we will also have a storefront at the Woodstock Market beginning March 1st.

Lots to do! See you somewhere, very soon!

Have a nice day,

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