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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


Monday, October 1, 2012

A new old fashioned

Old Fashioned I
6x6", watercolor and Ink on wood cradle

I like being old fashioned, well the idea of it anyway. 
Of course,
Not the kind where people are closed minded and afraid of progress and change.  
Not the kind where people think that they ought to just keep to themselves and ignore that family who beats their kid in public. 
or where you can smack your kid on the face and tell him he is worthless and think he wont grow up to beat his wife.
Not the kind of old fashioned where women have no right to choose, or where men treat women like second class citizens, or where women only make pennies on the dollar of the average man.  
Not the kind where there is no Splenda. 
Not the kind of old fashioned where people think that if you are not white in America, you are not very smart and have to use a different bathroom because you are probably dirty. 
Not the kind of old fashioned where you can't be gay unless you are a performer, and that's only acceptable because you are entertaining someone!
Not the kind of old fashioned where industry doesn't care about polluting water and air because it will be someone else's problem to inherit.
Not the old fashioned where you have to be rich to not die because you can't afford medical attention. (oh yea, still a problem.)
Not the kind where school is thought of as the thing for rich people and the military is for drop outs or kids with no future, so they're expendable. (oh yea, still a problem.)  
Not the kind of old fashioned that dictates how far you can get in a business based on what your last name is or what color your skin is. 
Not the kind of old fashioned without antibiotics.
Definitely not the kind without a Space Program. (hmmm, seems more like a current problem..hopefully private industry can help.)
Not the kind of old fashioned that doesn't involve tshirts, shorts and flip flops--well, a little maybe-let's face it, they dressed well in my vision of old fashioned, but I know they weren't comfortable under those clothes! ha.  
Oh yea, and not the old fashioned without deodorant and modern plumbing.

Ok, so this is my old fashioned: Saying "Thank you" and "Please", holding the door, sending letters and cards, giving little gifts for no reason, taking to time to talk without having the cell phone interrupt you, sitting and having a coffee with someone because you want to hear what they have to say, taking care of your parents, making dinner for your spouse because you want them to feel great when they walk in the door, holding hands, asking "how are you?"--and actually wanting to hear the answer.  Lending a helping hand without worrying if you are going to be robbed or murdered. Volunteering because you want to help, not because you want others to see you have done it so they'll think more highly of you.  Looking forward to innovation and progress and the way it will help people and the world and doing my part to help that happen....that IS old fashioned to me.

And, lastly, the old fashioned that respects the arts.
Have a nice day. :)


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