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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Starbucks And The Art Of Proximity

So, I needed some tires.
I have purchased from NTB.
I have purchased from a Mom and Pop shop.
I have purchased from Discount Tire.
Today, I purchased from Kaufman Tire.

Today, I purchased from Kaufman Tire because....


Don't knock the choice, for the choice of ease and comfort brings a joyful consequence to an action!

Once again, Starbucks can be blamed for smart business practices.
Kaufman Tire's mere proximity to Starbucks directly impacted my decision to buy tires from them. And you know what? I'm going to continue to buy from them as long as Starbucks is 200 feet from their door!

Good Job Kaufman! By the way, they were very nice, quick, and charged the right price which was about $2.00 less than Discount Tire! So, not only was it a more enjoyable experience, but I can literally say that they bought me a cup of coffee too!

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Saturday, January 16, 2010


I think these pics turned out pretty neat! Guess what they are a part of, and you will win one of these photographs from my shop!

Good luck!!

The guessing game ends Jan. 31st. ;)

Why don't you make this contagious?
Make a post on your own blog. Add one of your photos and say, "I'm playing the guessing game..What/where/who/When? Guess and you win the print! Guessing game ends Jan. 31st!"

Come back here, guess and leave the link to your blog! :) Ooh, this should be fun!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

DIY Spray Booth Part -Deux - Repeat with Instructions!

Part deux in the saga of finding an easy, deconstruct-able portable booth, that, for most purposes, I just wanted to leave up and in the same spot!

OK, I admit the other spray booth was quick and had it's issues, (see earlier post DIY Spray Booth) like I couldn't close the garage door without having to take it down. But hey, what do you want for $20! I kept the clothes pins though, for use in the new version.

This new version involves PVC pipe and joints, and the cheapest shower curtains and rings you can find. There are some cuts you will have to make to the pipe of course, but perhaps if you don't have a chop saw, you can convince some really nice guy at Home Depot to do them, but there are quite a few.

The reason my booth is this size reminds me of the story about the woman who was always cutting off the ends of the roast before she cooked it.  Her husband upon observing that she was wasting meat asked, "Why do you cut off the ends of the roast, honey?"
She replied, "Because that is how my Mother did it!!"
The next time the man's Mother-in-law came to the house, he asked her, "Why do you cut off the ends of the roast?"
She replied, "Because that is how my Mother did it!!"
So, the next time the man saw his Wife's Grandmother, he asked her, "Both your daughter and your grand-daughter cut off the ends of the roast before they cook it. They say they learned from you?"
She chuckled replied, "Well, back then, we didn't have much, and the only roast pan I had was very small, so I had to cut the ends off the roast to fit it into the pan!"

So, my paint booth is relatively small. It is this size because that is how much room I have in the garage that doesn't get in the way of Eric's wood shop. You may want to make it bigger if you paint larger items, but I'm finding for me, this seems to work pretty well. The good thing is, though, I didn't glue the joints, so that I could take it apart to move it or get it out of the way, which also leaves me the option of making the booth deeper if I need to! Despite its petite size, I still had room to paint a bookcase in there!

My booth is about 5 feet wide and deep by about 7 feet tall.

Basic How-to:
Your booth will be constructed of two sides, identical rectangles of any size, secured with corner elbow joints. Then you will join them together with struts only on the top and sides.  Struts are your cross bracing that turn your rectangles into a box.  These pieces will hold the spray booth together and keep it stable.  That's it!

Lay out the rectangles where you have space, like the driveway! 

Decide where you want your struts to be and cut those pipes into two sections, but be sure to make the identical cut on the other rectangle (opposite side of the booth) so your booth will be square and plumb.  Wobbly is bad!  Now join the two pieces using a T joint.  Plug the struts into the T joints to join your two rectangles and you're almost done!

For extra support, you can add struts anywhere, just don't put them across the floor of your booth or you will have issues walking around in there! Again, follow the same rule as above: Put T joints anywhere in your booth by cutting any length of pipe, across the top of the booth or side to side. Then join the two lengths with the T joint and throw in another strut! Easy peasy!

Put everything together. Glue is optional. I don't use it because I know I will want to take it apart eventually! Once you have everything together, add shower curtain rings to three sides and follow with the curtains!  Secure the corner seams with clothespins. Place a drop cloth on the floor of your booth before spraying! Have fun!

1.5" PVC pipe, about 10-12 pieces (you can use thicker or thinner PVC depending on the size of your booth, but this size is very cost effective and pretty stable
1 pack of T joints, 6-10
8 PVC elbows
3 sets of shower curtain rings
3 shower curtain liners
1 drop cloth
Total cost under $40

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not all choices present a problem

Let me extol the virtues of the proper drink for the moment.

I have been freezing. Frigid, and not in the hormonal way! Cold cold cold...and I'm cold in my own house! It's been below freezing for days.

Luckily, there hasn't been any precipitation yet, because it will snow. Probably tomorrow. And then, I'll be glad I have choices in beverages.

This morning it was 'happy face mug latte' from my brand new espresso machine! I savored that fleeting moment, (which I recreated 2 more times during the day.)

Eventually, the day ended and the story of my new drink begins...tonite I am no longer cold.

We had just returned from a crappy dinner which was overpriced, even after using the gift certificate from They saw us coming and decided to burn the single serving pizza and prepare a steak with espresso rub containing not even the slightest smigeon of salt. It was so bland that I held the salt shaker in one hand as I ate. Reminds me of that song by Adam Sandler, "Piece O' Sh#t Car" only substitute steak for car in this song.

Back to the story. We were so cold upon arriving home and with the interior temperature not improving, we settled on making some hot cocoa.

After putting the teapot on the stove, I remembered the events of just minutes before arriving home.... That event was post restaurant, where we made a pit stop at the liquor store.

See, at dinner I endured a story about hating a job so much that if a bankroll of even modest size existed, there would have been a walkout today. That combined nicely with the crappy meal. At any rate, after that blissful recount AND eating the worst meal of 2010, I needed to restock my liquor cabinet.

So, back to the cocoa. While the water heated up, I noticed the vodka sitting on the counter, and proceeded to mix my beautiful martini...

Eventually, the cocoa magically appeared on the counter next to me, as I was positioning my cocktail for photos to upload to Facebook for virtual toasting.

It was then that I encountered my dilemma. A choice. Delicious chocolaty cocoa OR a sweet delightful 'forget all the woes' Martini! (It might be good for the record to mention that I, myself, was not having a bad today prior to dinner. I was merely cold enough to look for a real estate agent in San Diego.)

Once again, either hot chocolate with a splash of half and half and mouth squirtin' redi-whip or
a vodka martini! (one of the best ways to warm up when in the safety and comfort of your own home. This time, headily prepared with a 2 shots of potato vodka one shot of pomegranate liquor and cointreau.)

It's not always as easy as it seems. But somehow, as I pondered and the martini got smaller, a solution did present itself!

So, the recipe for you to try follows
below...what's the name?
hmm, you think of a name..I'm calling it "Reckless Abandon"

Step one: Make the martini
Mix in shaker
2 oz vodka
1 oz pomegranate liquor
1 oz cointreau

Step 2: Promptly drink half of the martini.

Step 3: Mix cocoa
1 packet instant cocoa prepared with 6 oz water
Step 4:
Add remaining ingredients to the cocoa
Splash half and half
Remaining half of martini
Top with whipped cream

Repeat as necessary.


Friday, January 1, 2010

What is your word?


Everyone has a resolution. We've discussed this before. Stop the insanity (we also call it "INPOOPITY").

Just think of a word. A word that you keep close. A trigger. A gentle reminder to do that thing.

I'm beginning the year with one word (inspired by Christine Kane). I'm giving myself permission to totally kick it!

There were many words I could have chosen to utter under my breath all year long. My word could have been "Release"; good for those need to let go; not just for pack rats, but emotional baggage, too. For a while I saved the Macy's catalogs to make art, but it filled a closet and spilled into my studio until someone sent the county over with a psychiatrist to determine that I had issues and needed to be on one of those reality shows about people who wont throw anything away. The psychiatrist suggested that I am just an overambitious crafter and I should consider working on that project soon. I suppose I'll get around it real soon.

There is also this routine of the closet and the desire to have clothing sizes ranging from 4-14..It's important to know that no matter what you have been through, something will fit. Plus, people might come over and need something to wear. I have tie dye bikinis, lingerie with elastic that has lost it's mojo, and red leather snakeskin pumps. This past year, I felt good about going through my closet and donating every piece of clothing that was too large for me, leaving only room to get smaller. (chuckle) I thought I was doing so well with that move, but now, I only have one pair of pants to wear! See, I was smart to keep all that crap. I just need to move a little more and I'll get to throw more things away real soon!

Another word: "Finish"! We have an unfinished bathroom, molding that isn't put up! How about "Health"?: There's a treadmill that isn't getting used (but that's normal though, right?), and closets and corners and nooks that are how about "Organized"?

When I read Christine's list, I didn't need to think of any more words, it popped out from the list she left for my inspiration. I get a lot done, I really do. I make my bed every morning (see post from Jan. 1st, 2009) and my house is reasonably clean. I get a lot done in the midst of what is left behind. But, there is so much I don't do. So much I wish I was doing. So much I am too lazy to do. So much I just talk about doing. It didn't take long to realize (about 10 seconds) that if I chose that word for me, all the rest would come to be! It was very clear.

As clear as deciding you have to pee but you're too lazy to get out of bed to do it, even though you know that you can get back into bed and then you'll be REALLY comfortable.
My word is ACTION!

What are you gonna whisper to yourself for 365 days every time you need a kick?
Go here, read this and ponder, then find your own! Christine Kane's Blog!
And thanks to my friend Kathleen Krucoff for always writing great stuff and introducing me to Christine!


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