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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Finally, Happy New Year!

Ok, ok, I know I didn't post for New Year's Eve and didn't give you a New Year Post either. Heck, you didn't even get my usual New Year's Resolution post! What is up with that?

Well, for starters, I was busy. No apologies.

I was out of town for the holiday, but then, I was busy moving in to my new kick-ass studio in Historic Acworth, Georgia. The building, with gorgeous dark cherry floors and 10 foot windows is not only a dream location for a painter, but the building is now an arts center, which our little outer suburban corner of Atlanta needs. Yeehaw, we got some culture! The first floor of the building is home to Acworth's Premier Artist Gallery, Gallery 4463, and now the upper floor is all art too with 7 artists making residence here as well as the North Cobb Arts League.

Not blogging for 3 weeks is pretty lousy for a blogger, but you'll get over it. I'm letting go of the guilt! With that, I did think of a word for the year. This year, I am choosing "release" (since "let go" is two words.) My plan is to release old habits, junk, things I don't need, negative and obsessive thoughts about things which keep me from being productive! Part of my release is using some words of wisdom from my 8th grade pottery teacher, Mr. Huetson, "If you were sorry, you wouldn't have done it in the first place." Think about it. If you are going to be sorry, don't frackin' do it! Then you wont have to spend weeks of energy finding a way to forgive yourself for that stupid decision that you knew you would be sorry for. HOWEVER, I also want you to stop apologizing for being a Creative who didn't choose a lucrative career in finance. You are who you are, so don't let others make you feel like you should pretend to be someone else. . (that deserved two periods.)

I will leave you today with the daily email message I received from, a new site introduced me to me by my MF, that monitors your moods over a period of time and helps you understand what gets your goat and what makes you happy. (may seem obvious for him though, any stupid driver, etc), but still an interesting science project for a while.

From Jon (at Moodscope): "At the risk of appearing a little maudlin, there will almost certainly come a time in my life and yours when we'll wish we could have had just one more day. And yet if you're like me, there are days that drift by. Days when nothing much happens. Days you'd struggle to remember much about.

But what would happen if you began that day with the view that it was a gift? A bonus day when just about anything could happen? A day to remember. Of course there are occasions when we all need time out to recover and rest. But if you're not in this exhausted state and you've got at least some energy to spare, maybe it's time to seize the day and do something rewarding, something to be grateful for as the rest of the week unfolds. Sound good? You know what to do."

If you're interested, here's the link to Moodscope

Happy New Year and seize the freakin' moment!
Never EVER give up!

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