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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yes, There IS Fine Art in Acworth, GA!

Our opening reception Saturday at Gallery 4463 was one of the best we've had all year. It was an exciting night because we had all 7 Artists-in-Residence exhibiting and leading studio tours throughout the evening. Thanks to everyone who came out and volunteered!

From left to right: Michelle Scott, Valerie Gaudemer-Maker, Brenda Smith,
Rebecca Salcedo, Dinah Rose, Betty McGlamery, Lynn Edwards

Valerie Gaudemer-Maker and some of her newest vibrant photo and watercolor pieces!

Michelle Scott next to one piece from her series utilizing images her famous Grand Father Rey Scott too as a war time photographer.

Dinah Rose, weaver and fiber artist, in front of one of her panels.

Me in front of one of my newest pieces, "Ghosts on the Beach",
continuing my series of Art Nouveau inspired paintings.

...and finally, the brand new "REALLY Affordable Art Case" upstairs in the Art Center!
This case, which is rapidly filling up with daily paintings by our studio artists, is a great way to begin your collecting with an original painting for just a little something!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Behind The Scenes

Tonite at the Gallery 4463...

If you are in the Acworth, GA area, you are invited to drop by for a very special event tonite featuring the 7 Artists in Residence at the Gallery 4463 Art Center!

7 artists with a very diverse range of talents will be exhibiting in the Gallery and leading studio tours! I am fortunate to have a studio in the Art Center and it has been a wonderful year.

The Resident Artists are Lynn Edwards, Valerie Gaudemer-Maker, Betty McGlamery, Dinah Rose, Michelle Scott, Brenda Smith and myself.

The gallery is a vibrant place to visit, with works from more than 35 artists on display, and media ranging from jewelry, to weaving, to pottery, to glass to painting and more! We not only have a featured show each month, but our member artists display their work and we have a print rack as well!

If you are looking for unique gift ideas for the holiday season, this is a great place to visit, because regardless of your style, you will be sure to find something you will love! Giving becomes so much more special when it's a piece of fine art or a handmade item! Come see us and take home a treasure today!

Opening reception is 6-9pm and wine and appetizers will be served.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Do you have the Spark?

"It takes 20 years to be an overnight success." - Eddie Cantor

SparkPeople Translation
If you meet somebody that became a true overnight success, you are meeting a very lucky person. For the rest of us, which includes the vast majority of the world’s population, this just isn’t going to happen. Not that you can’t be successful, because that surely is an attainable task. It just probably will happen with a lot of hard work, and probably several setbacks. But if you really want something, set it as a goal and go for it! Plan out what would be necessary for you to reach this objective, and start at it. If you build a solid foundation, setbacks won’t have a huge effect on you. Remember, 2 steps forward and 1 step back still is progress.

Have you tried It's a site for improving your health and ultimately, your outlook on life. A friend in one of my ebay artist groups recommended the site because it's totally free, and I had been paying for Weight Watchers online tools for my nutritional info and food tracking. I have been on Sparkpeople for a year, but I've only recently really focused on getting all I can from the site. The resources for nutrition and exercise and moral support seem infinite even after all this time. I give it two thumbs up in snappin Z formation!

I hope you will visit this terrific site and enhance your healthy lifestyle!
Have a great day!


Things to Ponder

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-Walt Disney
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