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Monday, September 20, 2010

It's My Life! From Disability to Independence

I work with 4 wonderful women.
Adult women living with disabilities. They have learned that their contribution to the community is very important, and that they can set and achieve attainable goals for themselves, including volunteering and creating their own income!

They also give back to their community by volunteering locally, spreading joy and good will every place they go. They have helped to make care packages for the troops in the Middle East, and have even knitted items and made food to benefit local folks in need.

I have the pleasure of teaching them art, and let me tell you, the lessons go both directions! I feel more love and more value as a person simply by working with them to help them achieve their creative goals!

Shown today are 2 of the women, Sandy Manfull and her sister Teresa.
Sandy, shown above, loves to make jewelry and is a talented abstract artist. Here, we are working on composition and technique, and she was delighted with the results and how much fun oil pastel can be (and messy)!

Teresa, her sister, shown below, is discovering that she has a remarkable talent with design and although this was first time using colored pencil on such a large scale, we were all amazed at how skillfully she completed her haunted house.

These two lovely ladies are going to be submitting their completed artwork in a show benefiting people living with disabilities, which will be held at Emory this Fall.

For more information about Teresa's or Sandy's jewelry or art or to donate your handmade items for the girls to sell to gain their own independence and help those in need, please email Natalie ().

Click on the images below to purchase one of these prints!


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