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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winding down and gearing up...

Well, it's time for another one of those...a new year!  Heck, don't stop believing now, you are just getting started!  This is my stream of consciousness blog post to end the year.  I suppose you could stop reading now as most of what follows will probably be silly or redundant anyway, but just in case I mention you somewhere and you don't know how to use ctrl+f, you may want to continue reading and even enjoy the few minutes it will take to finish my rant.

Dream big! (Close Encounters)
10x10, acrylic on wood panel

So, do you do a dream board every year? You use a piece of paper or board or refrigerator for your substrate and then you proceed to place cut out pictures or write on it all the things you want for yourself in the upcoming year. You do it with it promise and elation.  You think "I'm gonna do it this year!"  Past dream boards have had pictures on them like the Eiffel Tower, cars, great kitchen remodels, a bag of money (to have zero debt), etc., and then I write goals all over the board, fitness goals, health goal, and travel goals, business goals, yada yada.  I think getting it out and writing it down is a good first step, eh?

and now, my requisite annual paragraph on being yourself:

I am a dreamer. To argue against a past sweltering of disapproval, dreamers are not lazy do nothings with their heads in the clouds. This ridiculous rumor has been propagated by self-loathing individuals who were always told they couldn't by some other rigid pragmatist whose dreams had previously been suffocated by yet another.  Dreamers DO get things done! Dreamers do have wild imaginings, it's true, but dreamers have created everything that you have and use and take for granted. Dreamers go to space!  Entrepreneurs are dreamers! Thankfully cooks are dreamers or we would have no Sacher torte or cappuccino or anything with chili peppers in it.  So if you are a dreamer, then yahoo to you! and, if your loved one is a dreamer, encourage her and tell her she rocks! ...and if your child is a dreamer...well, tell him to never EVER give up!  I have said this before and many people disagree with me, BUT (here goes), if your kid says he wants to be an actor, tell him, "Great!" Let's find a great school for that where you will also get a great foundation!" Don't tell them, "Oh that's nice honey, but you should have something to fall back on."  That is like saying, "I don't really believe you will ever succeed at acting, so be sure to learn some REAL marketable skill for when you fall flat on your face." or, it can be summed up by saying, "I never pursued my dreams and I don't think you'll be any good at pursuing yours either."  Just sayin, tread lightly while stomping on other people's dreams, words are powerful. Finally, if someone tries to make you feel that you can't, ignore them, tell them to stop saying no, because they don't own your heart and they don't have a license to run you, and they certainly don't get to decide what you will become, only you do.

Oh yea, and if you think you're too old? Well, you're a year older than last year when you still hadn't done that thing. So what? Start now and 5 years from now you'll be 5 years older and probably pretty good at it! Remember Grandma Moses, who started painting in her 70's?  And this year, Kathryn Joosten inspired me. She began her acting career mid life at 42, had a pretty long career in Hollywood and won Emmys for her role on the West Wing before joining the cast of Desperate Housewives.  She only lived to 72, but she pursued her dreams, and regardless of what point in life she started, she lived it to the fullest!


So??  What are you going to do?  Just do something! That's what I say.  I don't care what it is, but doing it now will be way better than sitting around next New Year's Eve and saying, "Oo, I really want to do that!"(again).  Plus, you get the added benefit that you get to put new things on your list next year after you look at last year's board and begin crossing things off smiling satisfactorily!

Go against the grain, be yourself and don't be afraid of others judging you, they're only doing that because they're jealous that they aren't out there getting it done! Be Bold!  Be Daring! While others are flailing in the wind, just step right up and put your face out there and be clear about your purpose!

10x10, acrylic on wood panel
If you want to see someplace new, you must actually go there. If you want to be different, you must actually work to change yourself! It's easy to do nothing, while change is hard, but doing the hard work makes the reward so great and it also reveals greatness.

Make a more interesting you, make a better you, a healthier you, a smarter you, a more conscientious you...a more conscious you.  Write a novel or article or just a poem, draw or paint something, bike more often, open a bikini wax business, swing on swings (I recommend this every year), restore an old car or a piece of furniture, redecorate a room or all of them, walk more, cook more really good food and share your recipes in an ebook, help old people, help young people, help sick people, help animals, help someone other than yourself, read more, learn a new skill and practice it, start a blog, open an Etsy shop and sell things you make, whatever, just do it and do it for a better you! Turn your phone off.  Live in the moment and stop trying to multi-task so much or you'll miss individual experiences.  Be present right now in this moment. Give someone your full attention whenever you can, you'll be a better person and they'll like you more.

10x10, acrylic on wood panel
And swing!

As always, I am thankful for many wonderful people in my life: my parents, my brother Tim, who keeps buying my art, my husband Eric for his chronic fandom, and my best friend, Kristle, who is always so supportive. This year, I'm particularly thankful for the Rule family, Becky, Lois, Helen and Mark, for inviting me to part of their gallery in a couple of shows this year. For Doog Becker (DooGallery) for telling me my art is "really good" and buying it! I am thankful for all the new people who came into my life this year in abundance, namely my acting friends and coaches, Rob Mello, whose kindness and tough love teaching is helping me become a better actor; Jeremy O'Keefe for being a good director and a sweet man; Kirsten Benson and Norma Alvarez for being great at their craft and showing me that I can do it; Lynne Bateh-thanks for doing it with me!; Lacey Patten for being awesome; for Jacki Flynn for loving me and my art;  Stephenie Kleine, for giving me practice in your TV Pilot! 
You all have inspired me to be better - Thanks!

Have a safe and Happy New Year,


Things to Ponder

Don't pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches. -Andy Warhol

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
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