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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bye bye 2011!

2012 is upon us! 

Every year, it's the same; we welcome the new year by having a toast at midnight, followed by some brief pondering of the future and our resolutions, most wont ever be realized.

Well, I've been thinking a lot lately about stale habits, and how, in order to make change, you have to dare to do things differently.

Tonight, we bucked the system.  We lived on the edge.  We dared to be different.....

We opened the champagne an hour early!  

The toast?
"To seeing things differently."

Wayne Dyer dared to say, "You will see it WHEN you believe it."

OoOo, can't wait!

I believe!

Happy New Year,

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Almost Oprah's Favorite Things!

Custom Hand Painted Ornaments by ME, Rebecca Salcedo
Oprah took a cue from Good Morning America, I think, when she chose to put precious hand painted pet ornaments on her list of favorite things this year.  You wont be surprised to learn that she didn't choose me, or I might not have had time to write this post!  And because this is my blog, I am posting my own handpainted ornaments, naturally. (snort)

But lets give some credit where credit is due!  The very lucky lady Sherry Kendall, who paints from her studio in Woodbine, Maryland was chosen by Oprah for her sweet stylized pet adorned Christmas ornaments.  At this moment, she is likely simultaneously praising the virtues of Oprah's generosity and cursing her for not putting out her list in March, because I am confident that is how much time she probably needs to paint enough orders to fill the demand created by the beloved TV Icon!

On behalf of all artists, particularly custom painters out there, I would like to thank Oprah for bringing to the public eye these wonderful gifts, but I do have one request for her and everyone else on TV, this season and beyond, who has noted these as awesome:  "Please consider what the artist has to go through to get those done in just 4 weeks time before you air your segment, and do the right thing to support that business--make sure that you find a way to say to the audience the most important thing--that you can order this as a gift certificate to give, because that is probably all the very fortunate woman will be able to deliver to the majority of those coming to her site to buy!

Praise Oprah and her incredible power to instantly give people success!

Praise the artist who has dedicated his or her life to pursuing creativity and wants to deliver!

Praise the customer who is willing to order now and get delivery after Christmas! 

Anyway, these sweet hand painted pet ornaments are not Oprah's exact choice, they are mine.  Probably the closest I'll ever get to the "favorite things", but I'm not complaining.  One victory for any custom painter is more exposure and understanding for all! Woot Woot!

Ben, for Janie in ATL

Congratulations Sherry, your ornaments are adorable and I wish you years of business filling all those orders!

If you can't get to Sherry's website because she is inundated with business, hop over to my shop, Smelly Rhino Studio, and order an ornament today.  Or google hand painted pet ornaments and find some other shop that you love!  A keepsake you'll treasure forever, not just this year's favorite thing.  You'll get it soon, not before Christmas, but soon! 

Happy Christmas and Merry Shopping,


Things to Ponder

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