As my artist's statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance. -- Calvin and Hobbes

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winding down and gearing up...

Well, it's time for another one of those...a new year!  Heck, don't stop believing now, you are just getting started!  This is my stream of consciousness blog post to end the year.  I suppose you could stop reading now as most of what follows will probably be silly or redundant anyway, but just in case I mention you somewhere and you don't know how to use ctrl+f, you may want to continue reading and even enjoy the few minutes it will take to finish my rant.

Dream big! (Close Encounters)
10x10, acrylic on wood panel

So, do you do a dream board every year? You use a piece of paper or board or refrigerator for your substrate and then you proceed to place cut out pictures or write on it all the things you want for yourself in the upcoming year. You do it with it promise and elation.  You think "I'm gonna do it this year!"  Past dream boards have had pictures on them like the Eiffel Tower, cars, great kitchen remodels, a bag of money (to have zero debt), etc., and then I write goals all over the board, fitness goals, health goal, and travel goals, business goals, yada yada.  I think getting it out and writing it down is a good first step, eh?

and now, my requisite annual paragraph on being yourself:

I am a dreamer. To argue against a past sweltering of disapproval, dreamers are not lazy do nothings with their heads in the clouds. This ridiculous rumor has been propagated by self-loathing individuals who were always told they couldn't by some other rigid pragmatist whose dreams had previously been suffocated by yet another.  Dreamers DO get things done! Dreamers do have wild imaginings, it's true, but dreamers have created everything that you have and use and take for granted. Dreamers go to space!  Entrepreneurs are dreamers! Thankfully cooks are dreamers or we would have no Sacher torte or cappuccino or anything with chili peppers in it.  So if you are a dreamer, then yahoo to you! and, if your loved one is a dreamer, encourage her and tell her she rocks! ...and if your child is a dreamer...well, tell him to never EVER give up!  I have said this before and many people disagree with me, BUT (here goes), if your kid says he wants to be an actor, tell him, "Great!" Let's find a great school for that where you will also get a great foundation!" Don't tell them, "Oh that's nice honey, but you should have something to fall back on."  That is like saying, "I don't really believe you will ever succeed at acting, so be sure to learn some REAL marketable skill for when you fall flat on your face." or, it can be summed up by saying, "I never pursued my dreams and I don't think you'll be any good at pursuing yours either."  Just sayin, tread lightly while stomping on other people's dreams, words are powerful. Finally, if someone tries to make you feel that you can't, ignore them, tell them to stop saying no, because they don't own your heart and they don't have a license to run you, and they certainly don't get to decide what you will become, only you do.

Oh yea, and if you think you're too old? Well, you're a year older than last year when you still hadn't done that thing. So what? Start now and 5 years from now you'll be 5 years older and probably pretty good at it! Remember Grandma Moses, who started painting in her 70's?  And this year, Kathryn Joosten inspired me. She began her acting career mid life at 42, had a pretty long career in Hollywood and won Emmys for her role on the West Wing before joining the cast of Desperate Housewives.  She only lived to 72, but she pursued her dreams, and regardless of what point in life she started, she lived it to the fullest!


So??  What are you going to do?  Just do something! That's what I say.  I don't care what it is, but doing it now will be way better than sitting around next New Year's Eve and saying, "Oo, I really want to do that!"(again).  Plus, you get the added benefit that you get to put new things on your list next year after you look at last year's board and begin crossing things off smiling satisfactorily!

Go against the grain, be yourself and don't be afraid of others judging you, they're only doing that because they're jealous that they aren't out there getting it done! Be Bold!  Be Daring! While others are flailing in the wind, just step right up and put your face out there and be clear about your purpose!

10x10, acrylic on wood panel
If you want to see someplace new, you must actually go there. If you want to be different, you must actually work to change yourself! It's easy to do nothing, while change is hard, but doing the hard work makes the reward so great and it also reveals greatness.

Make a more interesting you, make a better you, a healthier you, a smarter you, a more conscientious you...a more conscious you.  Write a novel or article or just a poem, draw or paint something, bike more often, open a bikini wax business, swing on swings (I recommend this every year), restore an old car or a piece of furniture, redecorate a room or all of them, walk more, cook more really good food and share your recipes in an ebook, help old people, help young people, help sick people, help animals, help someone other than yourself, read more, learn a new skill and practice it, start a blog, open an Etsy shop and sell things you make, whatever, just do it and do it for a better you! Turn your phone off.  Live in the moment and stop trying to multi-task so much or you'll miss individual experiences.  Be present right now in this moment. Give someone your full attention whenever you can, you'll be a better person and they'll like you more.

10x10, acrylic on wood panel
And swing!

As always, I am thankful for many wonderful people in my life: my parents, my brother Tim, who keeps buying my art, my husband Eric for his chronic fandom, and my best friend, Kristle, who is always so supportive. This year, I'm particularly thankful for the Rule family, Becky, Lois, Helen and Mark, for inviting me to part of their gallery in a couple of shows this year. For Doog Becker (DooGallery) for telling me my art is "really good" and buying it! I am thankful for all the new people who came into my life this year in abundance, namely my acting friends and coaches, Rob Mello, whose kindness and tough love teaching is helping me become a better actor; Jeremy O'Keefe for being a good director and a sweet man; Kirsten Benson and Norma Alvarez for being great at their craft and showing me that I can do it; Lynne Bateh-thanks for doing it with me!; Lacey Patten for being awesome; for Jacki Flynn for loving me and my art;  Stephenie Kleine, for giving me practice in your TV Pilot! 
You all have inspired me to be better - Thanks!

Have a safe and Happy New Year,


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life.  I am thankful for my family and husband who never stop believing in me and offering their support.  I'm thankful for my dogs who greet me each and every time they see me with happy wagging tails and no matter how I feel, they always make me feel better.  I'm so thankful for my fantastic friends, old and new, who are so supportive that they even buy my art to keep me painting!  I know I'm doing what I'm supposed to do, all of you have made sure that I know it and I want you to know how much I appreciate what you have given me in your support!

I stumbled upon one of those personality tests I took when I was 21 or so. Some kind of numerology thing that someone convinced to get and for some reason and was still among my books. The kind of thing that tells you the top 5 or 10 career fields for you. Here they are: Artist, Musician, Actress, Dancer, Designer (fashion, interior, graphic), Diplomat, Writer. The dancing I've kept to myself, and the diplomat, well that is just part of who I am. I've done everything on this list and loved them all! I'm grateful to my parents for my self-confidence to be so true to my nature and I hope I'm always so lucky to be able to express myself in these ways and live a happy and prosperous life.

On this Thanksgiving Day, I just want to say thank you to all of you for making it possible for me to do the only thing I've ever wanted to do; be creative.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Art that gives

Rhett and Scarlet Rise Again!




What more could you ask for down in Hotlanta?  The latin community in Atlanta plus us latin loving bystanders had a ball this year at the Day of the Dead festival downtown!  The Atlanta Artists Center painted a big mural panel and 9 contributing artists also painted their own panel commemorating the day!  This one is mine.

This very happy skeletal couple was painted for the 2012 Day of the Dead festival.  I wanted to reflect the local history and culture in the spirit of silliness I honored the memory of Rhett and Scarlett, and vicariously, Atlanta native Margaret Mitchell who wrote Gone With The Wind.  Pictures don't quite do it justice, this piece is funny, bright and fun to have hanging around, even if it's just for your once a year Day of the Dead celebration!  It's pretty big too at 2 feet square, so find a nice big wall for it!  I will attach hangers to the back if you wish.  

Proceeds from the sale of this painting will be distributed to several local humanitarian causes including the Center for Family Resources in Cobb County, Ga which helps families in need with food, shelter and other resources. Also one or two other local area food pantries will also receive donations from the sale of this painting.  Do you have a preference of food pantries? Win this auction, and specify your choice so that I may send something that direction! 

Thanks for looking and happy bidding!  

Title:  Rhett and Scarlett rise again
Size: 24"x24"
Medium: Acrylic on finish plywood

BONUS!  - This painting is signed on the front but I will write a cute story about Rhett and Scarlett on the back as well as any dedication you may wish for your intended recipient!

I hope this will help feed a few families for Thanksgiving. Did I mention I will pay for the shipping?  It's for a good cause!  You get a neat painting and contribute to something worthwhile!
Thanks for your bid!
Go to the Auction!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012






Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

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Monday, October 1, 2012

A new old fashioned

Old Fashioned I
6x6", watercolor and Ink on wood cradle

I like being old fashioned, well the idea of it anyway. 
Of course,
Not the kind where people are closed minded and afraid of progress and change.  
Not the kind where people think that they ought to just keep to themselves and ignore that family who beats their kid in public. 
or where you can smack your kid on the face and tell him he is worthless and think he wont grow up to beat his wife.
Not the kind of old fashioned where women have no right to choose, or where men treat women like second class citizens, or where women only make pennies on the dollar of the average man.  
Not the kind where there is no Splenda. 
Not the kind of old fashioned where people think that if you are not white in America, you are not very smart and have to use a different bathroom because you are probably dirty. 
Not the kind of old fashioned where you can't be gay unless you are a performer, and that's only acceptable because you are entertaining someone!
Not the kind of old fashioned where industry doesn't care about polluting water and air because it will be someone else's problem to inherit.
Not the old fashioned where you have to be rich to not die because you can't afford medical attention. (oh yea, still a problem.)
Not the kind where school is thought of as the thing for rich people and the military is for drop outs or kids with no future, so they're expendable. (oh yea, still a problem.)  
Not the kind of old fashioned that dictates how far you can get in a business based on what your last name is or what color your skin is. 
Not the kind of old fashioned without antibiotics.
Definitely not the kind without a Space Program. (hmmm, seems more like a current problem..hopefully private industry can help.)
Not the kind of old fashioned that doesn't involve tshirts, shorts and flip flops--well, a little maybe-let's face it, they dressed well in my vision of old fashioned, but I know they weren't comfortable under those clothes! ha.  
Oh yea, and not the old fashioned without deodorant and modern plumbing.

Ok, so this is my old fashioned: Saying "Thank you" and "Please", holding the door, sending letters and cards, giving little gifts for no reason, taking to time to talk without having the cell phone interrupt you, sitting and having a coffee with someone because you want to hear what they have to say, taking care of your parents, making dinner for your spouse because you want them to feel great when they walk in the door, holding hands, asking "how are you?"--and actually wanting to hear the answer.  Lending a helping hand without worrying if you are going to be robbed or murdered. Volunteering because you want to help, not because you want others to see you have done it so they'll think more highly of you.  Looking forward to innovation and progress and the way it will help people and the world and doing my part to help that happen....that IS old fashioned to me.

And, lastly, the old fashioned that respects the arts.
Have a nice day. :)


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Plotting world domination?

(yes, it's an ant holding a microchip) 


Friday, August 17, 2012

Good Morning!

I was thinking about all the turmoil we are going through lately, un-friending people you don't agree with, being on polar opposite sides of issues with family members and the people who matter most. 

It's gotten rotten. really.

Then, I thought of the carefree lazy Summer days of my youth, when politics didn't matter, just friendships. Not race, or religion. or rights. When running for the ice cream truck and sharing a first kiss were the important things.  Picking berries, playing hide and seek, building forts and make believe. How high could we get the swing before we jumped off? Gasping for breath after drinking a whole glass of lemonade without stopping because of the thirst we built up during our adventures.  We accepted our friends because they were kind and loyal and the only enemies were the bullies on the block and the setting sun.

It would sure be nice if we could keep in mind that the setting sun on our time here is the reminder to hold precious each and every living life and that in the end we are all equal.  Then maybe we might be able to see that taking a stand against someone else's right to just be who they are is really petty and reckless and harmful to everyone, yourself included.  

Be mindful of who and what is really your friend while you have time left.  The bullies in this life are the ones who encourage exclusion, hate, criticism and fear. There may be someone watching and what if what he is really looking for is whether you were capable of this understanding. I think he would tell you, "Don't lose your own humanity, that is where you will find peace."  The only real reward in this life is love and if you spend your energy preventing the freedom and happiness of others, then you cannot know love or peace.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

You can't always get what you want...

You can't always get what you want...
but if you try sometimes, you just might find....
you get what you need. 
There have been many times that I've tried and not got what I wanted, but found somehow I got what I needed: A lesson.

That is changing.  I have asked for a great year and I'm getting it so far!
I have spent the last 4 years learning about the fine art business and the art of social networking, marketing, selling, and more, and I've made two distinct short term goals: Exhibit in at least one fine art brick and mortar gallery this year, and illustrate a book.

So far, so good.
I just had an opening reception for a groovy 7 woman group show in Atlanta.
I'm exhibiting in a new gallery in Woodstock, Ga.
I have been invited to exhibit in a local gallery in historic Marietta Square (Marietta, Ga) next month for their type themed show!
I am about to get working on illustrations for a local author and very excited about the opportunity!

I am busy busy busy!  I asked for this.  I have worked very hard to get to this stage.
There are times when you are swamped and just want things to calm down. Not me, not now. I have asked for this, I have prepared 4 years for this, and I am ready for the challenge and the opportunities. Bring it on! I deserve this.
Wow. Thanks to all yous guys and gals who are my chronic cheer squad. I am really grateful!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wordless Wednesday...What is Companionship?

Found on the web.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Paper Dolls

I'm excited to be part of the 7 woman show, The Paper Dolls, at The Defoor Centre this Summer, June 10th - August 31st!  (no paper dolls actually in this one, just Southern Dolls). I will be exhibiting my work along with Casey Olsen, Helen Ferguson-Crawford, Adriana Antequera, Teri Levine, Robin Fay and Diana Bidulescu.

If you are in the Atlanta area this weekend and want to take in some fresh art, I hope that you will join us for our opening wine reception and visit with the 7 artists exhibiting in the show.  We will have wine, a few nibbles and live music from 5-7 pm this coming Sunday afternoon, June 10th!

Inline image 1

My style focus for this show is heavily Illustrative and graphic, which is quite a departure from my more impressionist roots as a fine artist and trompe l'oeil painter. I will have about 15 pieces in this show. Many of you know that I have been actively illustrating custom work for about 3 years, but this will be my first show with my own unique graphically styled art.  I wanted each piece to have a story behind it, and many of the pieces literally have writing on the canvas, that you may be able to make out in bits and pieces, but much of it will be left to your imagination to fill in!  I am really enjoying the fun and freedom that illustration allows. I particularly find it interesting how different interests can be intertwined into ones' life and profoundly affect the evolution of style. I hope that my work will bring you joy and amusement!

The Paper Dolls Prepare For a Summer Show!
So Cut It Out For June 10th Opening Party for the All Girl Showing At the Defoor Centre
Musical Guest: Spooky Partridge

Atlanta GA – Defoor Centre prepares itself for hot summer fun with the summer all girl show, called The Paper Dolls, a group of emerging artists from all over the Atlanta/Athens area plus Venezuela! These talented girls will be up from June to end of August, showing off their colorful designs of life, love and being a girl in the South! Reception party will be on June 10th, Sunday from 2-4PM the event is free to the public and there will be a cash bar for drinks. Live band, Spooky Partridge will be the music for the afternoon, led by local girl band heroine, Katy Graves it will surely be an afternoon to remember.

Here are the Artists:

Helen Ferguson-Crawford– with a foundation of architect Helen walks a crooked line on her journey when she approaches the canvas. She plays with adjacencies of color, form, texture and line to uncover the sublime nature of familiar places and situations. This wraps the viewer into her story and leaves them breathless.
For more information:

ENCORE: Robin Fay – from library to canvas to computer software programming again we have another wayward daughter of the arts. Robin’s curiosity for painting begins at curve and ends at color. Her layers of colors create texture and that brings out character inner imagery. Robin has shown at the Defoor before but not on this large of a platform. So welcome her back!
For more information:

RHOMBUS: Casey Olsen – A self taught artist with an eye for composition with nature. Her depictions of Big Sky landscapes are inviting you to step in and walk around. She has always been a creating spirit earlier with stained glass or stone mosaics – “When I’m painting, I feel open and totally present” she states. She has show here before and she always brings her peacefulness with her.
For more information:

BAR/CAFÉ: Rebecca Salcedo – Illustrator by day, Rebecca is a great capture artist – to grab the face and thought of her subjects whether it’s a dog or a character she has designed herself. She is a vibrant personality in the arts scene and through her works; she is able to send a story as well as imagery.
For more information:

LOBBY: Teri Levine – local artist is one that mixes up genres and comes up with her own. Cubism, surrealism and with line and color gives it personality. She is has a master in Psychology she takes her mind off by exploring paints. Levine pays homage to the surrealist trajectory and the transcendent potential of a fluid and painterly line. A self taught creative spirit she has become one of the newest emerging artist in the city.
For more information:

COFFEE HOUSE: Adriana Antequera – our most southern artist, from Venezuela brings her wonderful colors to Atlanta, GA for her debut. Again, we are saturated with visions of color in her landscapes and formal compositions. Maybe it’s the water and the pigment mixing together to come up with a different tone to the painting.
For more information:

GATSBY: Diana Bidulescu – European born, Diana came to the US to expand her love of teaching art to others. Her use of color is wonderfully done in either her abstracts or figurative. She has shown around the world but always loves coming home to Georgia. She teaches at the Peachtree Arts Academy in Peachtree City, a Christian
based organization that provides a vast education to children on all levels. For more information:

Local Band, Spooky Partridge, will play during the opening in the Forum. Led by Nick Christian, son of local heroine, Katy Graves (Dollsquad), brings his young rock heart to song along his dad, Shawn Christian and Katy on bass. The three of them play like only family does, together. Who says rock needs to go bed late?
Check out their Facebook page:
Inline image 2

About the Defoor Centre:
The Defoor Centre is located off Howell Mill Rd in Atlanta in the reviving Westside neighborhood, where a lot of local vendors that cater to the interior designers have been going to for years. The Centre has been a growing facility hosting major fundraisers to corporate meetings to private weddings all in house catering with a full bar. 100 years ago this place was a hospital for the soldiers fighting at the Battle of Peachtree Creek and to this day they are “still there.”

For more information on the Defoor: or just come by Tues-Friday to get something to eat and browse – 1710 DeFoor Ave Atlanta GA. On or search for the Defoor Center ARTS group!

1710 Defoor Avenue, NW, Atlanta, GA 30318


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Rhino Fish?
Dinosaur Fish


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Watching..the pentultimate way to spend time

"Eyes On You", Mixed Media, 6x6"
(on display at Defoors Centre, June 10-August 31st, 2012)

I sometimes just wake up.  ..and watch my room at rest.

I can't say it's because I'm well rested or even that some loud noise startled me in my sleep.  Not even the sound of the sweet birds in the wee hours.  Really, I can't find a reason.

I wonder if someone is watching me.  Like a spider.

This morning, I awoke at 5 and stayed in bed, eyes wandering around the room, shifting in vain for nearly an hour before I just got up and came down to watch the tube, er, plasma.  A nice latte to keep me company for a while.  I found Law & Order and grabbed my laptop so that I could successfully lack optimum concentration on either activity. 

I got up after only 4 1/2 hours of sleep knowing I would be trying to find an excuse not to go hiking at 8 because I would be too tired.  Now I have a half hour to get dressed and go tackle the 5 1/2 mile hike and beat the previous time of 1hr33min, and my butt hurts from leaning on this sofa.

On the plus side, I got to see a really old Chris Noth & Paul Sorvino episode of Law & Order, so old that I saw Claire Danes playing a young school girl.  Everyone, even Captain Cragen looks like a baby!

Ok, enough rambling, time to get dressed and sweat before the sun can blister my skin.  I think I'll put my eyes to some good use and focus on the trail.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Words from wise fellows...

"They came from the field"- Mixed media on canvas
(from my Graphic Paintings series exhibiting
at The Defoors Centre June 10-August 31st, 2012)

"There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting."  - Buddha


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

 Remember our Veterans this Memorial Day


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday

To the stupid red neck white trash arrogant overly manicured lazy ass grandmother waiting for her (probably equally stupid daughter) in the car at the Staples parking lot in Cartersville, GA on Monday:  This is what your granddaughter is doing every time you light up in your car with your window merely cracked.  Stop f*cking smoking around children you stupid f*cking bitch!

And to anyone reading this who smokes around your children: STOP IT NOW!  Jeesus, are you that f*cking selfish that you are willing to permanently harm your babies instead of just getting out of the car to smoke?

Why isn't this illegal?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

"Rua",  Acyrlic on wood. 5x5"
Inspired by the recent play Rua Wolfe,
performed at the Goat Farm in Atlanta, GA.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Walking Dead


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Surfer Sock Monkeys from


Monday, January 30, 2012

so fleeting

Miniature – ACEO Portrait of Mimi; acrylic on canvas paper 

I walked through a vacant lot which was turning into a meadow.
Deer had grazed there.

I noticed a hummingbird just outside my vision to the right. As I turned my head to gaze at it further, I couldn’t confirm it had been a hummingbird afterall because nothing was there but a leaf that teetered in the wind waiting for its turn to to take flight.

My mind wandered a bit more as I took in the whole composition.

The grass and roots were taking back the land that was once a concrete parking lot. There was only at first astounding beauty in this observation. Then, my ego was quieted as I came to fully comprehend what I was witnessing; the timelessness of the land vs. the fleeting nature of human beings.

I think I am merely here as a borrower of space on Earth and perhaps someday, elsewhere, who knows? In any case, I think I should do my best to leave it as I found it. Or better.

When I left the meadow, I was glad the Earth this power. I wish we could all recognize the value of the grass under our feet.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

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Friday, January 6, 2012

2012: Yes I can be grounded and in flight!

 "Beautiful Life" Acrylic on Canvas
Illustration Friday Theme: Grounded

I do say, it's a year that shouldn't be wasted, and that includes reading crappy articles and books!  Sometimes you just can't help it, you get a few chapters into a new book because you are trying to force the darn thing down your own throat, thinking it will improve, but you struggle to read each word.  Just give it up man!  If it doesn't captivate you now, it probably wont later, either.  This doesn't happen too much with blogs because I don't feel the same sense of commitment, namely because blogs are free.  But, there is something about buying a book that makes you think you have to finish it, at any cost.

Now, for confessions.  Not a lot of you know that after I wrote a book in a month, in November 2010, (with zero experience), I literally lost my desire to write for a very long time. In fact, I couldn't even check my email for a while because it would require having to reply.  I neglected my ebay groups the most.  (Sorry fellow ebay artists!)  Completely burned out, I was.  Well, I've been back for a while, but I'm finally ready to share again with Fervor and hopefully, the writing will be worth reading.  At least it will be free!  Oh blog, I have missed you.

Here's my tentative blog schedule for 2012, the way I want it to look.  We'll see how it goes.  If there is a post on a particular day, it will likely be for one of these reasons:

Mondays - Random Musings, my stories with whatever artwork I may be working on that week. (The two are rarely related)
Tuesdays - A good day to tell someone Else's story! A regular highlight of a cool artisan or do-gooder somewhere in the world.
Wednesdays - Wordless Wednesday, containing only a photograph and maybe a word or two.
Thursdays - DIY, Today's Rhino, and WTF?  My tutorials, examples of art techniques and brief articles on Art in history and why it's important for you to give a damn.
Fridays - Illustration Friday.  A good tradition that deserves to be continued.
Saturdays - You will rarely see a blog post on a Saturday because everyone needs a break.
Sundays - Occasionally I will write a Sunday post with my groovy book reviews called "Sitting on the Nightstand".  (Please don't take the name, enough people already have.  Be creative and think of your own.)

I think it's important to be grounded, particularly if you're a dreamer.  The world exists as it is because of dreamers.  You have to dream and have hope that you can achieve, and I am the dreamer of dreamers.  But, a schedule and a tad bit of discipline is always what seems to help me get the creative spirit into actual, tangible art or writing, or music.  So, here's to being grounded, to some foot to floor contact. One foot in front of the other, toward the dream!

This should be a fun year.  Lots of exploring to do. I think I need new shoes...

Happy Weekending,


Things to Ponder

Don't pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches. -Andy Warhol

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
-Walt Disney
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